Possibilities is an organization dedicated to helping families treat the medical conditions that contribute to autism and many other disorders. (Biomedical treatments)

Diet = Way of Eating

As your coach, I meet you where you are:

Some people come to coaching ready to make big changes.  Others feel overwhelmed and are not ready to change.

Coaching is about helping you get ready for change as much as it is about helping you change.  It is not only for people who are already ready for change.  It’s even more helpful for people who want to make a change but feel they are not ready.  A coach can help you identify what obstacles need to be overcome to be ready.  Then, you can tackle the obstacles with support and avoid the almost inevitable procrastination that comes when obstacles seem overwhelming.

Out goal is to:

  • Help families find MDs, nutritionists, and other professionals who specialize in the biomedical treatment of autism and other disorders
  • Support families as they implement their doctor’s recommendations

Introductory Appointment:

If you are interested in learning more about biomedical treatment or our services, we offer a 1-hour introductory appointment to help you explore your family’s options.  Call 919-828-8221 or e-mail bsecosky@nc.rr.com.


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